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Wyoming Chamber of Commerce Events

Movie Night at The Paramount

Our premier fundraiser!

Come to see a classic movie streamed and projected in the comfortable and nostalgic Paramount Theater downtown Wyoming.

The date of the movie night will be on the marquis, will likely be advertised in the newspaper or you can contact us directly.

We cannot use the name or characters in our advertising, so if you cannot figure out the movie from the clues, please reach out.

The cost of the movie is a 2.00 donation for admission, 1.00 for popcorn and 2.00 for beverages and candy. 

Please bring your own lawn chair and enjoy this experience that does so much to help our community!

Biggest Loser Competition

Periodically the Chamber and Stark County Physical Therapy Services (in wyoming) team up with chamber members to help citizens get healthy, take up less space on this earth, and win fabulous prizes!

Send us a message to find out how you can be involved in this popular contest.

The only requirements:

participants must be over the age of 18

participants must be willing to "weigh in" once a week during the contest

participants must pay entry free

You are welcome to find a local chamber of commerce business to sponsor you. Maybe they can even get you t-shirts.

Scavenger hunt

for St. Jude Kewanee to Peoria Run


We have our own local 'celebrity' Julie Wages.

Julie has dedicated a major portion of her life raising awareness and donations for St. Jude.

This year we are joining Julie's cause and having a scavenger hunt fundraiser. Find out more about this awesome event by sending a message or stopping in to Yer Kiln Me to register your team.

Date of the fundraiser is July 16th from 4-8pm.

Moonlight Madness 2022
Friday, November 19th

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